How to start living for you

How to start living for you

This is a question I ask my self every day. I was always the type to live for others. Live as if I had no sense of direction to where I wanted to be. Who I wanted to become. I always knew from a younger age I truly wanted more out off life. I wanted more for my family, more for myself. I want to experience everything that life has to offer me. Doing this was always a "dream" until I (as of right now) said "I WANT MORE" and so be that. 

I (savanna) started my e-commerce business SisStartTheBusiness in 2020 when the pandemic flooded the world. At this time I didn't know what to do, what I wanted, nor what was going to happen. All I knew was that I am here to help others. This first business opened my eyes to what we can do on the internet! How impactful we can be with just a click of a button. CRAZY!! I started out with an Etsy account. I build my business from the ground up helping others start what they have always wanted. Lash business, hair, skin, website design and more. I love doing this. I found my passion in life. I learned how to make money from online and that is what changed my life.


Fast forward to now I am no longer working on Etsy. I finally chose to have my own website to where our team can work with our customers one on one. 


Being your own boss has changed my life for the better. I am now LIVING for a better future. A better me. This is just the beginning..


Much love,


Savanna (sisstartthebusiness) "She.E.O.Empire

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